How is Linen Fabric Made?

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People love linen for its naturality, durability, strength, breathability, and stylishness! Others wondering, why linen garments are more expensive than other fabrics and why they are considered so precious. Actually, linen fabric has a hidden story to tell about. The complicated process, before linen comes the way we see it, demands a lot of time and handwork. Here we reveal all the facts you need to know what the path of linen is.

  • Linen fabric is one of the oldest fabrics in the world, originated in Egypt territory thousands of years ago. Tarkhan dress, made of linen, was the first clothing item recorded in history.
  • The sturdy material of linen is cultivated from the flax plants, which growing time takes roughly 100 days. The linen is usually picked by human hands when most of the seed heads turn gold or yellow.
  • Then the linen fibers are tied together and left in a dry and sunny place until they are completely dry. After that, it’s time to collect seeds from their seed heads!

flax plant, flax seeds, linen, linen plant

  • Afterwards, it comes to the process when linen plants are partially rotted in a special pond. During this process, the flax fiber is separated from the rest of the stem.
  • Then follows the process called scutching - when the remaining shives are extracted from the flax fibers. Later on, we reach the hackling process - when the flax is prepared for spinning.
  • Finally, the actual linen fabric starts to be made by the weaving process. The linen is now ready to dye in any color you want!

In conclusion, the processing of linen is complex, time-consuming, and requires special human resources. These are the reasons why linen fabric garments tend to have a higher price than clothes from other materials. Nevertheless, it is needed to take into consideration the top quality of linen fabric. For its durability, you will be able to wear linen clothes for many years to come! Because of linen advantages, it is definitely worth investing in.

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