Benefits of Choosing Linen Mask

Even if we’re all tired of this pandemic situation lately, and all the requirements, in order to get back to normal life, we still need to be patient and follow the recommendations of the health institutions. The most important thing is the safety of ourselves and our dearest people. Wearing a face mask in public places is a necessity for everyone in most countries.

One of the disposable mask alternatives is a reusable linen cloth mask, which is protective, convenient, and stylish as well! When properly wearing and caring, linen masks have lots of benefits in comparison to other fabric masks. Face masks made from natural linen stand out with the following characteristics:

  • Exceptionally breathable;
  • Durable;linen mask, resusable linen mask, natural linen mask, linen face mask
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic;
  • Shrugs dirt easily;
  • And it's more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Linen masks are not only comfortable to wear, but also classy and colorful. We have various linen masks for women and men, which include linen masks with an elastic band, linen masks with a filter pocket, and linen masks with a chain. Check all the linen masks and find your favourite!

Although linen masks aren't substitutes for medical masks, using them appropriately ensures more effective results. For the highest protection, linen masks should be washed every day. We recommend washing your face mask by hands, but you can also wash it in a machine 60 °C. Do not twist the mask after washing, as it can affect fibers and damage mask form. After washing mask, form it naturally and put it flat to dry.


With love,

Pretty Linen